May 11, 2006

TiVo Your Life

I use to have to be right all the time. Okay, maybe I still do but I’ve learned to bite my tongue. At first it was literally biting that wiggling story-teller but now its more a proverbial tongue-biting. Regardless, it is still a bit painful and always self-imposed.

Recently I was told that I am so calm and that nothing phases me. Stephen’s reading this and getting a good chuckle and certainly raising an eyebrow. “Amy, calm, cool, unphased, and collected?” That’s not the inner Amy he knows at home. Few people get to see the real me.

My Internal tinkering and processing, which seem to often make my face appear blank, is somehow interpreted as peacefulness. That’s the true sign of successfully living the double life. But there are moments when the gotta-be-right Amy steps out and as soon as it happens I wish I could TiVo my life and zip over the unwanted scenes.

One of those moments happened the other night. As soon as the words slipped out both Stephen and I looked at my mouth and wondered if perhaps it has become possessed. Unfortunately I can’t reveal the situation. Just imagine the worst, most inappropriate and most mis-interpretable statement you can make in front of the absolutely wrong people and that’s what I did.

Stephen and I did manage to re-wind and re-play it later with lots of good giggles.

Note: I just found a blog listing of the same title at High Verbosity.