May 18, 2006

Dynamic Strategy Planner

I'm always being asked about my husband's job and title. Feeling like a brainless wife I can never explain or even recall the details. Stephen says I should just say he is a consultant but that always results in more questions. I fumble. I usually end the conversation by saying, "he thinks he's James Bond." Being Scottish this fits the illusion and it distracts the person.

My friend Anna has guided me to the most wonderful website Bullshitjob Generator.

About the site: Have a new hire? Can't think of an exciting title? Have a friend or relative you want to hire but they have no skills? Generate their title right here!

There are three columns of job title components and the database randomly chooses a combination for you. I have oodles of friends who actually fit many of these titles. Mostly they work in management consulting, marketing and brand management.

Stephen is a Productivity Coach and heck if I know what that means. Here are some new ideas for his title...
  • Dynamic Strategy Planner
  • Direct Assurance Administrator
  • International Accountability Developer
  • Future Usability Engineer
  • Direct Applications Facilitator

Please share your favorites!