April 14, 2006

Dipping with Pleasure for the Holidays

Yes, Easter and Passover are religious celebrations but lets be honest, it’s all about the eats. Both give us the chance to eat junk and be proud of it. Two key ingredients are vital to both holidays – chocolate and marshmallows. Combining these two sugary treats into one item is key, but not essential.

At last night’s Sedar my mother maximized the pleasure by introducing a chocolate fountain into which guests dipped all kinds of treats. The choice dipping tool was marshmallows. This fountain of pleasure was a sure test for finding the chocoholics in the crowd. Ladies, let it be known that there was a gaggle of giddy men encircling the fountain. Rabbis, lawyers, elementary school students, engineers, the fountain had the same result – total bliss.

My mother noted that the floor was covered in chocolate drips - evidence of true pleasure.