April 25, 2006

Cooking it up in the Classroom

Teaching my Arts Administration class at University of Houston Downtown has helped me realize that I love teaching. It is the perfect combination of cooking and stand-up comedy.

Last we took a field trip to visit with my friend Victoria who works in the Education Department at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. She presented a wonderful analogy of how different teachers approach their work.

Microwave Method
Teachers who use pre-cooked lesson plans that they just pop in the oven and present.

Recipe Method
Teachers who have all the elements of their lesson prepared and then cook it up in the classroom.

Scratch Method
Teachers who wing it in the classroom and hopefully cook up a good lesson-on-the-go.

I would say that I’m in between the Recipe and Scratch methods. I work with a lesson plan and then cook it up in the classroom. Usually I work myself into a frenzy and by the end of the class I have the students in stitches. I figure if they are amused they are learning – getting their fill. Perhaps they laugh for a good grade? So much better than being on stage and hoping for a good review!