February 12, 2006

Not Taking Their Toll

Yesterday I was driving to Austin and had my first Toll experience. Although it seems obvious now, I had no idea that the Toll Road meant I would have to pay a Toll. Of course I didn't have any money on me so when I got to the booth I apologized to the Toll Taker.

"I've never been on this road before, I didn't realize I had to pay and I don't have enough money." The woman smiled, asked me how much I had ($.92 for a $1.25 Toll) and said "That's fine, have a nice day." She didn't give me a ticket, make me get off the road, drive to the Toll office, and pay with a credit card. In San Francisco I had the experience of not having enough money and they gave me a ticket right then and there. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.