February 26, 2006

Hee Haw Rodeo Houston

When in Rome do as the Romans. The same goes for Texas. Stephen and I ventured out to the Houston Rodeo Kickoff Parade in the rain and wind. We determined it would be political suicide for a politician not to show at the parade and either ride a horse or sit in a wagon. It was mostly officials on horseback and lots of marching bands.

Highlights included Texas Longhorns adorned with riders. Now we've seen it all. Well, until we saw the mini horses that are about knee high. Many of these folks came in caravans of wagons from hundreds of miles across Texas and Louisiana. They were real cowboys doing their trail rides.

You can actually see us in the parade photo. I've put a cirlce around me and Stephen in the lower right corner. I have on the cowboy hat - a gift from the Americans for the Arts Conference held last year in Austin.

Unfortunately the rain kept us from attending the BBQ Cookoff. But we did get to see the Scotland vs. England Rugby game at a local pub. Scotland won!