February 18, 2006

Girls Rock the Olympics!

Usually my favorite Olympic sport to watch is figure skating which Stephen hates because he doesn't think its a sport. How can you dress up all fancy, wear intricate makeup and call it a sport? I use to not agree but I'm finding it not-very-interesting in the face of reality shows that place celebrities on the ice or the dance floor. Imagine if figure skaters could only wear the cool slick spandex type outfits that other athletes wear in their competitions. Then it would be at least a bit more about sport and less about really bad fashion.

What I am finding refreshing is seeing women excel at strength, endurance and athleticism. How wonderful to see women of all shapes and sizes pushing the limits of our coach potato imaginations. Plus, they aren’t wearing makeup, usually have bad hair and often have snot running down their nose. Fabulous! So nice to get away from standard TV where everyone looks so polished.

Also enjoyable is the full coverage on NBC. Yes, they are U.S.A happy but they do follow non-us athletes and give us some of their story. Of course you get the bizarre commentary that usually dwells on some strange fact but hay, at least these super heroes seem human. Girls Rock!

photo: Gold Medal winner Kati Wilhelm of Germnay and Silver Medal winner Martina Glagow of Germany © Getty Images