February 17, 2006

Excuse me, is that placenta in your hair?

A remarkable product has turned my bad hair days into good ones. HASK PLACENTA Super Strength No Rinse Hair Repair Treatment for Extremely Damaged Hair is a miracle. But yes, it does have placenta. Is that gross? I'm too blinded by the hair success to make a good judgment call.

This stuff keeps my hair unfrizzy even in humidity - since we've already had hazy, hot, humid days in the 80s this week. "Remarkable that Houston weather, it is." A Yoda statement.

Also got a great haircut from Dianne at Toni & Guy in the mall. At first I was a bit sad because it looked very shag and could have passed for a mullet. Very scary. But when I did it myself it looks great - wow a good haircut, unfrizzy. Not sure if I should have done the Sun In on my own. That's another story. Camera in the repair shop otherwise I would supply photos.