October 7, 2005

Inspired by the Naked Chef

I am writing a book on best practices of arts management that will be in a cookbook format and am finding that keeping a pace on my own projects is hard going. Getting work done for other people is easy – I love working in a team environment. But when it comes to working for myself everything is a distraction, including photographing lizards.

My coach Simone has suggested that I create inspirations around the house to remind me of my goal. Who better than Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef, to be an inspiration for writing a book? His enthusiasm, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and quality of work are models to which I aspire. Plus, he's young, happy, successful, fun and British. (Stephen and Simone can only hope I aspire to being Brtish to follow in their footsteps.)

I’ve created a bookstand, the kind you would see for an upcoming book signing in a bookstore, and on it have placed his book, Happy Days with the Naked Chef. One day it will be my book on that stand!