August 7, 2005

Downtown Houston Skyline

From our house you can see the beautiful downtown Houston skyline. It is like Oz in the distance, rising above the trees. We've become familiar with the different buildings and each have our favorite. Stephen's is the one with a giant cube on top and mine is rounded on the side facing our house - this could be the old Enron building, but I'm not certain.

We live in Midtown, which is deceivingly close to downtown. Stephen doesn’t believe me but I have walked to the base of the closest skyscraper in 15 minutes. This is one of the things I love about Houston, you can move from city streets to tree covered roads in half a mile.

Yesterday we ventured into downtown, at my insistence. Forgetting that I really don’t go outside between the hours of 10am and 6pm the shocking heat nearly killed us. Now I know why downtown is vacant of people. Bravely we walked along the Buffalo Bayou hoping to see an alligator. Our pace went from slow to sludge. No gators.

After 45 minutes in the heat we escaped back to the shady streets of our neighborhood and determined that downtown was better enjoyed from a distance.