July 7, 2005

Simone and Iain OK in London

The news gave me a sad empty feeling inside. Terrorists in London. Our closest friends, Simone, Iain and their son James just moved back there after four-years in the Bay Area. Where they okay? I remember Simone telling me how pleased she was that their new flat was located near the tube. Too close for comfort.

Thankfully I received an email back from Simone saying that they and their families are unharmed. But you could tell she was shaken up, or maybe I can just imagine her fear from knowing Simone so well. Although she is one of the strongest, most practical and eternally decisive people I know this hit too close to home .

If Simone and Iain hadn’t moved back to the UK we certainly would have had to think more than twice about moving to Houston. Once they left we became a bit disconnected from the Bay Area. Thankfully we will be visiting in them in September.