July 10, 2005

Another Kweskin Blogger

My brother Matthew has launched a new blog IkeaModder

I love Ikea.
I love the stores
I love the stuff
I love the design and
I love to express my style by modifying Ikea's designs- that's what this fan site is about!

As for our furniture, we moved into the new place on Friday and the movers arrived on Saturday - just 4 days late - but it worked out since we couldn't occupy our townhouse yet. The IKEA furniture survived better than I thought it would. Some significant gouges here and there from the movers, despite the protective blankets.

What didn't survive were some pieces of ceramic serving dishes, bowls and pitchers. At first I was angry but about 30 seconds into it I realized - who cares, its just stuff. Ironically the movers packed my 10 year old laptop that we were going to donate to charity. This thing weighs a ton and is almost dead. The problem is that it has my QuickBooks files that I can't delete since the old horse only starts up after much nagging.

Today I'm heading back to the Bay Area already. It feels too soon. But at least I'll be picking up the BooCat and bringing her back to Texas with me. She's been living at my cousin Ben's house and keeping him up all night with her meowing. Nothing new. She does it to us too.