April 2, 2008

Reflexology Relaxes Your Soul

I'm more than a bit addicted to reflexology. Just got home from another session and I feel so super mellow. That makes two in two weeks.

The best part of the experience is the assessment from the reflexologist following the treatment. Your feet reveal so much about you. The practitioner always knows how to hit the most needy spots. Little crunchies give it away.

My spine, colon, face, neck and liver are the most crunchy part of my feet. That means they have the most chemical deposits that need rubbing out. I honestly feel all kinds of gurgling in my belly when certain parts of my foot are rubbed. I wonder how walking and wearing the wrong shoes impact your vital organs?

Every time I go they tell me the same thing - that I need to reduce stress in my life. This time Amy, the reflexologist, suggested that I write up a list of stressful things and start eliminating them one by one. Hum. Plus, she recommended that I meditate and practice yoga. Since I already do these things imagine how much more stressful my life would be without them?

If you want a one hour holiday for your soul/sole I highly recommend reflexology.

Image from a cool blog post about Reflexology in Bali.