August 25, 2009

Mystery Box

The big move to the new apartment is next Tuesday. I have yet to start packing but really, how much do I have to pack in my current place? Most of the furniture belongs to my housemates and all of my furniture is being delivered by Door to Door on September 1st. I visited my stuff in storage this past weekend and immediately took four boxes of English Literature books to Good Will before I got re-attached to them. There appears to be about at least 50 more boxes in the storage container. What is all this stuff? Most of it is a surprise since Stephen sorted out all our belongings a few months ago in Houston. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what I have. Looks like he gave me his super cool stereo system. Major score.

Now to coordinate internet access. I would so very much like to be off the grid with that but it appears I need to install a DSL line.