June 27, 2008

Kayaking on the Potomac

Since arriving in DC I've wanted to kayak on the Potomac River. Two days before I return to San Francisco I finally found time. There's a great rental place called Jack's Boat's. We've rented there before and usually canoe but this time I set out on my own and in a kayak.

I love kayaking. It struck me as I was getting into the kayak that my love for kayaking started way back when I was 14 or so and attended Anderson Camps for a summer in Gypsum, Colorado. We learned some serious kayaking starting in a pool where it was safe to roll and then on the Green River in Utah where we did a week-long trip.

All that training prepped me for a rather windy, wavy, bumpy ride yesterday in the middle of the Potomac. It was heaven. I only went out for an hour ($10) and that was just enough to cool down from the summer heat and get my water skills up and running.

Visited with some cool ducks hanging out on a rock at Roosevelt Island.

Out there on the water I was reminded of the blog entry I made about the Sleek Yellow Kayak inspiration.