June 14, 2008

Second Shooter, First Love

I had the most spectacular experience today working as a second shooter with my wedding-photographer friend from Ithaca College Geneve Hoffman. Geneve was a funky cool film/photo major when we were in school together 16 years ago. She brought out the former funky cool photo/film major in me today.
I always admired Geneve's aesthetic, technical expertise, relaxed approach and sense of humor. Shooting the wedding with her today was a treat. She absolutely loves her work and you can tell by the way she quickly builds rapport with the wedding couple. She does a fantastic job of documenting the story.
It would be amazing to make a living at photography as Geneve is doing. My challenge is the technical. I don't feel confident about exposures and using a flash. But, I know I could just getter quicker at it by practicing. Geneve, like my other photography friends Sharon and Lori Baden, (also from Ithaca College) tickled my interest with all the nice things they've said about my work. Gosh, maybe I can make photography a reality career.... hum... My dream, since high school, has been to be a full time photographer.

Images I'm sharing here are the ones that are more anonymous and less about specific people. The wedding was in Fredrick, Virginia.