June 22, 2008

Comcast Center Delights and Surprises

Philly's architecture rocks. Comcast Center is the newest and tallest building in the city and it gracefully adorns the skyline. Opened June 8, 2008 it is a fully green and sustainable building and yet the most exciting feature is the use of clever art components that surprise and delight you.
The lobby is filled with art and at 8pm on Saturday, people were mezmorized by the lobby artwork. Above your head is a sculptural installation by Jonathan Borofsky featuring business people walking along metal beams. This is mimicked in the video imagery shown on the ever-changing lobby wall. which blends business with nature.
“The Comcast Experience,” is featured in the lobby, a ground-breaking hi-definition video wall standing 83.3’ wide by 25.4’ high, showcasing a one-of-a kind intersection of media, technology and public art - according to their press release.