June 18, 2008

Leading the Life I Want to Live

The past couple of months I've been reconnecting with friends and family here in the States. I'd call it a sabbatical of sorts. How often in your life do you get to visit with friends and family, take a break, think about where you're going, what you've done, choose where to live and what you want to do? I keep joking that if I could only live my life this way. But then I realized the most obvious thing on my morning bike ride today - I am living the life I want to lead.

Consulting nationally and internationally
Spending quality time with friends and family
Traveling and adventuring
Being a photographer

I'm doing all of it! Now to pump up the volume and make some excellent money and I can keep living this lifestyle. I return to San Francisco on June 28 and I know that living in my beloved city I will have the proper base to keep it going.