June 18, 2008

Americans for the Arts in Philly

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Philadelphia for the annual Americans for the Arts Convention. This will be my fourth convention: Austin 2005, Milwaukee 2006, Vegas 2007 and Philly 2008. Actually, the conventions are stopping points in my life adventures since leaving San Francisco in 2005.

Stephen and I attended the Austin convention on our way to finding a house in Houston. I attended the Milwaukee one while living in Houston. Vegas was when I was in London and now Philly is at the tail end of my DC/Virginia respite on my way back to San Francisco.

I'll be blogging on the Americans for the Arts' Art Blog.

Tomorrow I'm presenting a workshop called Personal Evolution: Peer Coaching Circle in partnership with Daniel "Dewey" Schott. Saturday I'm hosting a roundtable discussion called Leading from the Middle of an Organization.

Sunday I'll be supporting my friend Brechin Flournoy as she facilitates her panel discussion called A Foot in Both Worlds about finding career balance between non-profit and corporate interests. One of the panelists is my long lost friend from San Francisco Nancy Hytone Leb now in LA.

Stay tuned for posts from Philly!