May 20, 2009

Life is Good

Reflecting on my daily activities I've realized that my life is very
good. To be able to make a career in the arts is a dream. I consult
with dynamic individuals who inspire me daily and believe that my
approach to strategic planning allows them to reach their goals by

My provides me access to arts and cultural events every day of the
week. Plus, I can take mini-excursions any day of the week and
consider them work-related research without bending the truth.

Beyond the arts management consulting I am also able to keep connected
with my extended consulting team in the UK. Leah and I are starting a
new consulting job with Martin who is working with the UN.

Nurturing my inner-artist is also on the radar screen. One of my felt
pieces has been accepted into a show called The Many Faces of Frida
which opens July in Oakland. Now to get more photography into the