March 17, 2009

The Rubber Room

Writing about breathing room made me reflect on a radio-documentary I heard this weekend on Chicago Public Radio's This American Life called The Rubber Room. It is about New York City teachers who are put on probation and spend months or sometimes even years in "the rubber room". The full program was about Human Resources and this was one of the segments. Quite

The program was inspired by the still-in-production film The Rubber Room.

Here's an overview of the radio program from the This American Life blog:

"The true story of little-known rooms in the New York City Board of Education building. Teachers are told to report there instead of their classrooms. No reason is usually given. When they arrive, they find they've been put on some kind of probationary status, and they must report every day until the matter is cleared up. They call it the Rubber Room. Average length of stay? Months, sometimes years."

Worth a listen.