March 16, 2009

Parties and Transitions

This past weekend I went to a Saturday night party which prompted me to make some observations and realizations.

  • I'm not into loud parties with people getting drunk
  • I would rather spend time in small groups or one-on-one really getting to know someone or making a deeper connection with a friend
  • By 11pm I'm ready to be in my cozy bed


  • So many people are in career transition - unique to the San Francisco Bay Area?
  • Ask people what they do and they act confused and ashamed - and I'm not talking about bankers
  • People would rather talk about 30 Rock than real life (I've never seen 30 Rock so that puts me out of the conversation)
  • I'm making better connections with rocking cool amazing women than any men I've met in the past year - hum.

In contrast to this Saturday night party I had a lovely lunch earlier in the day with two mature women friends. We had flowing conversation on a variety of very interesting topics, ate unbelievable decadent food and made future plans to trek out on an arts venture. So inspiring. Why is this so much more appealing than scoping out men at depressing parties?