March 22, 2009

Little World Just Got a Bit Bigger

Yesterday morning, while getting ready for yoga class, I left the baby-gate at the foot of my staircase unlocked. Like little kittens my two housemates, ages 2.5 and 4.9, found their way up to my room. I often hear them playing downstairs but suddenly I noticed that their voices were getting louder. I looked out my door and the little one nearly had a heart attack. He honestly didn't know that there was an upstairs and that I lived there. First words out of his mouth were, "sorry".

I invited them in to check out my room and they were very respectful of my stuff, and curious as well. The best part was that the little one said and did everything the bigger one was doing. I pointed that out to the older brother and he said, "yeah, I know..." Funny how I noticed this for the first time when they were in my space as opposed to me being in theirs.

Our little visit ended when their mom called them back downstairs. Several times during the day I reflected on the look of shock on the little one's face as I came around the corner. It cracked me up each time. His tiny world just got a little bigger.