January 4, 2009

Back to School

Tomorrow begins my new long-term commitment of starting graduate school. I return to Golden Gate University from which I graduated with a Masters in Arts Administration in 1997.

New student orientation is tomorrow and my first class is on Wednesday - Data Analysis for Managers. Could sound like a sleeper to some but I am totally jazzed. Working towards a Doctor of Business Administration is exactly the business grounding I want to pursue in my career.

This is going to take around four years to complete but I see it as a journey. Chatting with Matt and Rachel's housemate Tyler I said that I didn't want to take 13 years to complete the degree and he responded that that is his dream - to be in school for 13 years. You know, he's got a point. But I do plan to finish before that long. My intention is to couple the courses with my consulting work...and to continue to work internationally...and not incur debut.