December 25, 2007

Cramond on Christmas

This morning, in preparation for the day-long feast of Christmas with my in-laws I took a long walk down to Cramond outside of Edinburgh. If I recall correctly I did the same thing last year so this is becoming a Amy tradition.

Cramond is a spectacular little area on the River Forth that was the home to a Roman fort. One of the finest pieces of Roman sculpture discovered in Scotland was uncovered in 1997 at the mouth of the Cramond river which spills into the River Forth it is a lioness which is now housed in the National Museum of Scotland.

I was lucky enough to get to Cramond when the tide was low. Out in the middle of the River Forth is Cramond Island and at low tide you can meander out along the causeway. Today was the first occasion that my timing was perfect to make the trek - at least part way as the tide was starting to come in.
The morning was frosty but sunny and clear.