December 20, 2007

The gift that didn't keep on giving

Is it customary to get your house cleaner a gift for the holidays? Here in London I would say the answer is the same as in the States - yes. Well, I got a nice gift card voucher for our cleaner and wrote her a nice little note and put it on top of a nice little box of chocolates. However, when I got home it was still sitting there on our nice clean counter. She was here - I can tell - but she left the card and chocolates.

I moved her card and chocolates and a little note slipped out - "sorry, please, cleaner" it said. Then I noticed that the envelope was taped back up. Did I insult her? Here's a major confession - I don't even know her name. Perhaps "Thank you for cleaning our home lovely" is a bit too anonymous? Oy. Who doesn't like chocolates? Oh yea, me.