December 30, 2007

Bus Tour of Barcelona

The best way to start a city visit is to take the double decker bus tour. Sure, it feels uber touristy at first but when you're crusing along in the front seat on the top deck, wind in your hair, sun on your shoulders, something special happens. Suddenly being a tourist is OK.

What impressed me the most was the creative architecture, old and new buildings beautifully blended and the impact of the 1992 olympics. We concluded our bus tour at The Montajuc which means Mountain of the Jews Julie informed us. This is the site of the Olympic games and ceremonies. Julie took a ski lift monorail thing up to the Castle which sits on top. Stephen and I hiked it. Views from the top were amazing.

Stephen and his new friend take turns on a zippy swing in the olympic park/botanical gardens.

We ended the day with a Spanish Guitary concert at Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi featuring Manuel Gonzalez.