April 22, 2007

London Marathon

Images from today's London Marathon.
Men's leaders mile 23. The man on the far right, Lel, won the race. The man in the yellow and black, in third place, had never run a marathon before and he came in second! From the marathon website "Martin Lel (Ken) regained the Flora London Marathon title in style today, showing that the 26.2 mile distance can be as much about speed as it is endurance.
Lel won in 2:07:41, three seconds ahead of Abderrahim Goumri (Mar) with last year’s champion, Felix Limo (Ken), third in 2:07:44."

the wheelchair athletes were fantastic! They kept flashing past my little mobile phone camera before I could get the photo.

Here we are on London Bridge mile 12. It was a beautiful day but a bit hot for the athletes. Especially ones in costumes as captured in the final photo of Cat Woman being interviewed by the BBC.