April 24, 2007

Feathery Flat Mates

This weekend Stephen and I returned home after a day out and about to find pigeon pooh on our bedroom dresser. I had left the window open about 8 inches while we were gone and apparently we had some unwelcome visitors. The mystery was that they/it was no longer in the flat. A smart pigeon?

On Monday I returned from work and cracked the window and within minutes two pigeons were sitting out the outside sill. I recognised one of them – a black and white male that seems to live on our back patio. Now that I’ve noticed him I see that he “owns” the corner on which we live. He’s often on our front porch or hanging out wooing chicks on the corner across the street. Perhaps a pimp pigeon?

For the past three days one of his main squeezes has woken us up with purring cooing at 6.15am. I am trying to see it as cute but just can’t seem to make the leap. So, I slam my hands on the doors to the patio and try to scare the pigeons away. No such luck, they find it amusing as they walk all over our patio furniture and nest in empty pots.

Just an hour ago I returned to the flat after a long day at work. It is warm in here so I opened the window. This time it took about a minute for Mr. Pigeon and his latest date to fly in and this time sit on our bed. I heard them cooing, stormed into the room and said, “out!” The sinful pair delicately flew out the window. I distinctly heard giggling.

Hum. Is this what its like to have a teenage son?