March 17, 2007

Rednecks like Us

The San Francisco Bay Area did open up its Golden Gates for us yesterday and also gave us some fantastic red necks. We're quite sunburned.

Stephen and I each did our own adventuring and ended up walking miles around the city. I met up with my friend Claudia who use to work with me at Business Arts Council. It was so easy to fall back into flowing conversation after all these months.

Next Stephen and I met up with my cousin Diana in Berkeley. We sat at Berkeley Marina and soaked up the rays. The day was capped with our friends Stacey and Stefan in Alameda. There two little boys kept us busy while we all enjoyed sushi.

Today the super fog has returned. We are heading out to the beach to brunch with our cousins Julie and Michael. Looks like we need not worry about the sidetrip to pick up suntan lotion. Then this evening we hook up with our world-travel friends John and Nicole.

DC was the holiday portion of our trip, now we're on the mini-gatherings. Good thing we have Connecticut next week to get some more rest and relaxation before heading back to London.