March 20, 2007

Flying the Friendly Sky

We’ve now completed four of our five flights during our American vacation expedition. It began nearly ten days ago with a flight from London to Newark then DC to JFK, continued with JFK to SF and today SF back to JFK. We’ve flown Continental, Jet Blue and United.

Something happens in first class that us Economy “Plus” folks just don’t get to experience. Each time we exit the flight we pass the remnants of the parties that seem to take place behind the curtains of first class. Blankets are strewn around the floor, pillows misplaced amongst seats and even articles of discarded clothing litter the isles. Exactly what goes on in first class?

Us, we sat in the back end of the flight amongst the common folk, because we like to. We do not laugh at the lady in our row who has a face mask on and lifts it periodically to insert stinky garlicky bites of wilted salad. We do not get upset when they charge us $5 for a box of junk food. We rejoice in the free water that we can flavor with real bits of lemon or lime, no ice thank you very much.

Jet Blue is the winner. It was a short flight but we had leg room, leather seats and hundreds of live tv stations. Just for effect I tossed my pillow and blanket on the floor as we exited the flight. I too can do the first class dance.