March 4, 2007

Library Espresso

As I mentioned previously, my favorite London library is the Paddington branch near our flat. Yet again it has captured my fancy. As you walk in the door there is the ubiquitous "no food or drink” sign that you would expect. But once you enter there is a brand new coin-operated espresso machine with multiple serving options. There it stands, sleek and inviting soon to blend into the surroundings.

The machine has a beautiful sign saying “Now enjoy an espresso while you read your newspapers, magazines and books.” Is this like a movie theatre where you can only drink the beverages from the snack bar as outside food is banned?
No one took notice of the machine as the line to check out books became unusually long on this rainy Sunday. As we waited to a library staff person sauntered over to the new machine, deposited a coin and served himself an espresso. Now that’s service.