March 1, 2007

60% Chance of Sunshine

My friend Rachel is in the final stretch of wedding preparations for her big day in the Berkeley hills. She and her sweet heart David have created a wedding blog which they call 40 percent chance of rain since that is how likely it will be to rain on their big day. (Photo taken from rachel's Vampituity blog.)

In reading about her hair updo trial runs I was inspired to share my wedding experiences since I have been married twice.

Both in my first and second weddings I simply made a hair appointment the day-of with no pre-run. Both times the hairstylists were shocked even floored that they were doing my hair for a wedding.

At least the second time around I had the stylist do my makeup. The first time I went to the Clinique counter at Macy's an hour before the wedding. Not a good idea since they tried out all kinds of new colours on me - I didn't tell that I was the bride - simply that I was going to a wedding - although I'm sure they were suspicious because of the fancy hair. Now that I think about it I should have timed the wedding around Clinique bonus time and really made it worthwhile.

Here is a photo of me and Stephen looking so cute – like a pair of kids out of Alice in Wonderland. Note the good hair and makeup, and I look pretty good too;-)

(Photo taken by our friend Catherine Lee.)