November 26, 2006

Translating Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful thanksgiving at my in-laws house in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the first table you can see the table set with pumpkin soup and my cranberry chutney side dish next to the centerpiece. We even had little American flags at our place settings to make sure it was very American. Growing up we had little pilgrim candles on the table and I really never felt that it was a patriotic, flag-waving kind of holiday.

The turkey was delicious and we had the traditional potatoes in a variety or preparations.

To launch the meal we made hot apple cider. The funny thing is that cider here is only hard and not fresh pressed and juicy as in New England. We heated up the carbonated beverage and added traditional mulling spices. To our delight it tasted quite nice.

Displayed in the foreground is the scrumptious home made apple pie my mum-in-law made for dessert. Yum.