November 15, 2006

Phobias Uncovered

This post will make better sense if you read the previous one first.

These are from the website Complete Phobia List.

Names for my fears...
Aeroacrophobia — Fear of open high places
Deipnophobia — Fear of dinner conversation
Blennophobia — Fear of slime

Hare are a few others I think I may have...
Angrophobia — Fear of anger or becoming angry
Globophobia — Fear of balloons - This is a big one that should be on my list. I don't like lound noises including fireworks, banging doors and gun shots.
Spectrophobia — Fear of specters or ghosts

Here is one that I've gotten over...
Aviophobia — Fear of flying

Here are a few that I don't suffer from - thank goodness...
Anglophobia — Fear of England, English Culture, or English People
Arachibutyrophobia — Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth
Phobophobia — Fear of phobias

This one says it all...
Anxiety — Fear of Anxiety