November 27, 2006

Boiler Saga Continues

Boiler Saga Continues

Steve the British Gas Tech has now become a member of the family. When I was away in Scotland we talked at least once a day and today he made a visit after work. Although I think he is a great guy, the reason he is around is because the new beast is broken.

When we arrived home from Scotland yesterday the flat was warm, actually super hot, some might call it tropical. In fact, we had a pool in our rainforest. The boiler had leaked onto the floor as well as the heat being stuck in the “on” position. So, we went from cold to hot hot hot. This morning preparing for my first day of WORK my face was melting. It was like being back in Houston. (Work went very well!)

One of the calls Steve made to me in Scotland was to inform us that he thought there was a pipe leaking under the floor. After much discussion we agreed that he could take up a part of the floor as long as he did it with care. Yup, he found a broken pipe. Unfortunately after his visit today he now thinks that there is another leak under a different part of the floor. Plus, the heat being stuck in the “on” position is apparently due to the electrician’s error. He’s going to come back later in the week.

The good news is that we paid a flat fee for all this work. The bad news for Steve is that we have his personal mobile phone number. I suspect I better put him on the Christmas gift list.