November 26, 2009

Wild Turkey

Com/Calm and I went for an early morning walk and to our shock, and that of some other early-risers along Oakland's Piedmont Avenue, there was a wild turkey running down the street. He actually tried to stop a city bus and get on to escape. The bus finally got around Mr. Turkey who then started squawking as he ran down the center of the street, then on to the sidewalk and then across the street. The few cars on the street stopped to watch the bizarre and ironic site. Mr. Turkey impressed us all by puffing out its feathers.

I've cropped this iPhone photo so that you can see the turkey running along the sidewalk towards Fenton's Ice Creamery. He's about to cross the street. Run turkey, run.

This rivals my Thanksgiving in Houston where a man walked down our street exclaiming, in a deep Texas drawl, "somebody's turkey's burning up, somebody's turkey's burning up." In fact, someone burned down their house while trying to deep fry their turkey. This time the turkey got away.

Looking back on some past Thanksgivings, I've had some real adventures. Last year was in Berkeley with my cousin Diana - we had Tofurkey. The previous year was London, previous year in Scotland, the year before that was Houston. This year I'm hosting my cousin Diana and friends here in Oakland.