November 22, 2009

Car Vacation

While my cousin Ben is away for Thanksgiving I am watching his cats and in exchange he is lending me his car. As you know I've been back and forth about getting some kind of motorized vehicle versus living my life with my two feet and Ike the Bike.

What I've realized this week is that borrowing a car every now and then is like having a Car Vacation. I get to go far and wide to visit my friends, run errands, and get up to the hills for hiking. However, I live my daily life just fine without a car. Finding parking, paying for gas and the stress of traffic, plus the lack of exercise, are challenges I never have to think about while walking, riding my bike or taking most forms of public transportation.

This realization definitely is coming from my new approach to goal setting. Instead of thinking about all or nothing - the ultimate success and having it now - I'm having my clients, students and even myself think about shades of reaching your goal. We all know there is the "ultimate" and then we know that there is the realistic - which can be a good stretch. I'm finding that as I use this approach in my work and life, big hairbally goals that seem overwhelming can be broken down into smaller, achievable, exciting goals.