November 27, 2009

Being Partnered

Hanging out with Com/Calm dog and observing her loyalty has helped me understand something about myself. I like being in a relationship. Just like Calm looking after me in the apartment and being tuned into me as we take walks, I like to be the same way with a partner. I previously was seeing this as a weakness that I had to overcome but actually it is a characteristic.

Calm is great one-to-one. She's good in groups too - she was in our game circle during post-Thanksgiving socializing. But she is very loyal to her primary person. After Thanksgiving dinner we went out for a walk and another person was going to hold Calm's leash. Calm kept looking for me to be the one holding her lead. It was amazing loyalty considering we've only been together for a few days. I believe I am the same way. I just have to be careful to whom I commit my loyalty.