November 27, 2009

Extended Family

Tonight we celebrated my friend Stacey's big 40. It was her house I lived in for the past 14 months, before moving into my own place. Her party was filled with her extended family, many of which have become my extended family, something I didn't realize until tonight. As we danced to great 80s tunes in a restaurant overlooking Lake Merritt, I recognized that these folks have grown to know and care about me.

Each asked about my new place and the summer "relationship" that I had had - hoping that I was still in it. I forgot how much they know about me. The best moment was when little Lex, my former five-year-old roommate, sat down on the steps next to me and put his head on my lap. We rarely had close moments when I lived in his house but there were times when we were out and about and he touched me so sweetly. With family you know you can just reach out and they are there for you.