October 8, 2009

Recommitting to My Career

Over the past few weeks I've questioned my career choices - consulting vs. being inside a company. What I've recognized is that I love my career.

Earlier this week Leah and I presented a workshop for the Center for Cultural Innovation helping artists write their personal vision and mission, identify their core values and set goals for moving forward. While Leah was presenting the values and mission components of the course I followed along with the participants and had several "aha!" moments. I shared these with the students when I presented the goal setting section. Instructors make visioning sound so easy but when you put yourself in the student role you realize - it is hard when you do it for yourself.

Here's what I articulated:

Vision: I believe that people need to lead-together to reach community goals.

Mission: I support people in reaching their goals by guiding team building so that they can lead-together.

Values: My core values are the ability to pursue new ideas, practice self-expression, be creative, build a sense of community, work in teams and always have variety in my projects.

Make enough money to cover all my expenses, save some money for the future, and not incur debt.
To have excellent life-work balance.
To travel, teach and facilitate nationally and internationally.

This last goal got a huge response from the group and one woman said it gave her chills. How's that for accountability - sharing your goals in front of 25 people.