May 29, 2008

I Will Ride 100 Miles and I Will Ride 100 More

That's the mantra of my dad and his buddies who heroically do an annual 100 mile bike ride in early Summer. This year they're in DC and Matt has spent weeks creating a century ride for them that meets all their requests:

1. No hills - flat, flat, flat
2. Pavement
3. Paths
4. Interesting sites
5. A ferry ride
6. Shorter route options for those who want to maintain their sanity

The big ride is tomorrow and the riders begin arriving tonight. I'm doing a 35 mile version from Roosevelt Island to Mount Vernon and then back to Matt and Rachel's house in the Palisades along the Potomac.

While the husbands are out there on the road their wives are shopping. I think I may be the only woman on the ride. Did I not get the memo?