January 20, 2008

The Wonders of Sunday

It may be a bit early for Spring in London but this morning I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. What glorious music they were making. No rain today so I took out Ike the Bike and went for a ride around Hyde Park. The weather is a bit drizzly but also warm - I'd say in the mid-50s.

While on my ride I passed this port-a-potty situated outside a housing unit that is under renovation. Could you imagine having to use it? How do you get in or out and more importantly - how do you clean it?

Later in the day Stephen and I went to The Wallace Collection which is a mansion in Central London that houses a formerly-private collection of French 18th century painting, furniture and armour. The setting is amazing - each room is ornately decorated and the central courtyard houses a lovely restaurant.
On our way to our next stop - Selfridges - we passed this pink car. Super cute, super small. That wasn't the end of our amazing sites as Selfridges now has an area called the Wonder Room. I of course didn't understand that they meant jewelry so I asked one of the guys selling Rolex's where we could find the Wonder Room and he said, "Darling, this is the Wonder Room. You have arrived." One of the wonders was a 58,000 GBP mobile phone covered in diamonds. I wonder who can afford that?
The make-up expert at the Selfridges' Clinique counter made up my face as you can see in this photo. The best part was that although it didn't say Clinique bonus time they gave me two, yes two free bonus bags. One is a giant silver bag that is so over the top that I now need to get my hair done big to match.