January 14, 2008

And the winner isn't...

Okay, so I'm not a Hollywood insider but I do think that it is nice to have a break this year from the Golden Globes and maybe even the Oscars. Perhaps this will bring Hollywood back down to ground level. Even those overflowing gift bags are taking a break.

Visiting the Hollywood Foreign Press Awards is an interesting lesson in simplicity. The homepage still displays glittery stars kissing their awards form years' past. Hidden in the corner is a link to this year's award winners. When you click over to the page the winners' names are displayed in simple black text on a white background. Heck, it looks like something an intern could have posted.

Now that the big event as been stripped away I understand the need for the awards ceremony - it is a giant advertisement for the films (actors, directors and studios too of course). I haven't heard of half these movies so now I'll have to look them up. At least the intern could have created links to their official websites - but I guess that wasn't in the script.