February 24, 2007

Impact of Many People Living in a Small Area for Thousands of Years

London has been a city, or at least occupied by people, for nearly two thousand years. This has a direct impact on its cleanliness. Rubbish falls and so does hair and of course bodily waste. You see the hair in every nook and cranny along the streets and especially in the walkways of Tube and train stations. Most bodily waste finds its ways into corners as well but I’m not going to gross you out further. Or maybe I will…

I’m getting over the endless hairballs continually floating along the floor in these public places. But now they are in my house. The floors are covered with them. Its not that we are dirty people they just seem to follow us in. Now I’m finding this gunky stuff in everything. Yes, I’m suppressing an extreme freakout.

Then there’s the water. People will tell you strait out that water form the tap has been through something like six people before it gets to you. At first I was filtering it thinking that would make it clean. Hah! Stephen doesn’t even drink the water and he can eat from foodstalls on the streets of Mexico City without getting sick. Now I use bottled water for everything food related except brushing my teeth. Now that I think about it I’m switching to bottled water for that too.

Have you seen those people who wear surgical masks while they walk or bike around cities? That’ll be me in a year’s time.