February 4, 2007

The Mystery Spot

I have a lot of time on my hands here in London. It’s a good thing. In my past life in San Francisco I rushed around constantly and felt quite stressed a lot of the time. Houston was the stepping stone to mellow. I streamlined my projects. In London I’m finding that I have so much free time.

At first I thought I would pursue more education – applying for the PhD program and then trying out the coaching training. Just didn’t hit the spot. The past week or so I’ve been trying to identify what “the spot” is exactly. Perhaps I want to take up kayaking along the canal or try a batik course. Both sound interesting but they are not quite “the spot”.

This week I entered a play writing competition called the Westminster Prize which is open to anyone living, working or studying in Westminster – which includes me. (Even though we’re in London the actual City of London parameters are very small – Westminster is our area.) Well I wrote a ten minute play. My first excluding the one scene I wrote for a college course I took one summer at University of Connecticut.

Writing was inspirational. Perhaps my play is one long therapy session but I still think it turned out well. Soho Theatre, sponsors of the Westminster Prize, presented a workshop that I attended a few weeks ago to prep us for playwriting. It was super. I felt totally inspired.

Okay, so here’s what I’m figuring out:

I liked writing the play and posting on my blog
I want to continue being creative and find new outlets
I’m in a fabulous city with endless inspiration
I have time on my hands

Back in college I took a TV production course that I loved. Working on a tv production seems interesting, or a film, but not a student film since I've played that game already.

I need to awaken the artist inside me who I think may be the one searching to fill that mystery spot.