December 30, 2009

Daily Roses

Hisun shared with me a wonderful tradition that the Obama family practices each night at the dinner table. They each share a Rose and a Thorn - something that went well in their day and something that was challenging. Hisun and I have narrowed this down to just Roses.

Sometimes we share these over dinner and other times by phone before bed. Now I've made it a habit to do this for myself as the last thoughts before going to sleep, after turning out the lights. It is such a nice way to go back over the day and look at all the moments that worked really well. Sometimes these are challenges that I have overcome and often they are meaningful interactions with friends, family, clients and even strangers. This is such a positive way to float into slumber.

Here are some Roses from today - in order of occurrence:
  • Sharing email correspondence about photography inspirations with my friend Irfan
  • Emailing my doctors and thanking them for their good care over the year and letting them know that, regretfully, I will no longer be in their care as I switch insurance carriers (thankfully, for better insurance.)
  • Receiving good wish emails back from my doctors.
  • Meeting with my friend Margo do discuss strategic planning goals for her organization in the coming year - and knowing that I helped ease her mind, clear some of the chaos and be a good friend a colleague who her values her good work.
  • Riding my bike to and from the meeting with Margo
  • Saying goodbye to my neighbor who is moving to a new job in LA
  • Speaking with my best peep Simone in Cambridge by Skype
  • Receiving a lovely email from Hisun about our friendship and talking by phone about our NYE plans - feeling complete in ourselves
  • Sharing deep secrets and dreams with my sister Marlene by phone
  • Finishing the book Lost in Translation
  • Staying calm in financial crises
  • Speaking with my friend Bob in Houston about my career goals - he's offered to be my coach
  • Feeling comfortable having phone conversations - something that has been difficult for me
  • Enjoying my new electric blanket, maybe a bit too much
  • Making a pot of decaf chai in my coffee making and drinking it all up.
Wow, that's a lot of roses!