February 17, 2009

Getting in My Space

I've had the most wonderful visitors to "my space" today. I've rarely had guests into my office and bedroom before today. Then in one day I've had four.

First my friend Leah visited to put the final touches on our UK leadership presentations. Then my housemate Stacey and her classmate were up in the office studying for school. My last visitor was Stacey's older son Lex who is also my housemate. Lex is four and it was really a treat to have him up here because he treated it as a great honor. Even though we see each other almost every day he acted super mature and careful with all my little trinkets. He even said my glass heart collection was cool.

What I noticed about all these visitors was that they felt relaxed in my zone. Each one said it was so nice to be someplace so quiet and cozy. Spending most of my time alone up here I forget how much of a special area I have created.