March 2, 2011

My Career Posse

Today I sat on a panel at school to explore the issues facing women in industry as we develop our careers. On this totem pole I was the least experienced and two of my bosses were at the table. However, I felt like an equal as we discussed our career challenges and opportunities - highs and lows. One of my colleagues said, "you need to develop your career posse." We all agreed that this was fantastic advice.

Here's how I'm framing the advice in the context of setting career intentions:

Successfully navigating your way through career choices - highs, lows, challenges, and opportunities requires two key steps - setting your intentions and developing your career posse.

Intentions are the end goals you set for yourself. These intentions can be immediate, short term or long term. They are the vision you have for where you want to be and even the values you will employ to move forward.

Career Posse are the people who you trust with your intentions. These are friends, associates and colleagues who believe that you can reach your fullest potential. Your posse are there to be a sounding boards, to provide advice and to be a beacon of light when you may unintentionally waive from your intentions.

In setting clear intentions and having a posse of supporters you have the key ingredients needed for reaching your fullest potential.

I have a tremendous career posse and maybe that's why I am always able reach my intentions.