November 20, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

I had the most spectacular feeling this evening coming home to my house. My friends John and Maureen drove me back to Alameda after dinner in Hayward and as we approached my house I though, "hey, that's my house." As I walked in I felt like I was really coming home as opposed to just arriving at the place where I stay. These warm feelings of love for my housemates Stacey and Stefan welled up in my heart.

A few factors were at play. First, the fancy mixed drinks we had for dinner put me in a happy state-of-mind. But also it was the affection I saw between Stacey and Stefan this morning as they flirted. This is the couple I knew before they had two boys. It was a little peak into the affection that holds their relationship together at the core.

So fantastic to live in a loving home with great friends, their sister and two crazy kids and their. Redefines family.